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  • What Is Oktoberfest?

    Oktoberfest has been held in Bavaria (a southern province of Germany) since 1810. It was originally held as a wedding celebration for the crown prince and princess, and over the years has morphed into what it is today: at 2+ week festival celebrating beer, food, and German culture in general. In Germany, communities have their Oktoberfest anytime from mid September to the end of October. See this link for more details.

    Is This A Halloween Party?

    No! Better! It’s an Oktoberfest party! Now is the time to break out your Lederhosen and Dirndls and dance the night away. The polka is the traditional dance of Oktoberfest, but our live band will be playing a great variety of music to fill the dance floor. If you do show up in a Halloween costume, that’s ok too!

    What Are Lederhosen anyway? And What The Heck Is Dirndl?

    Observe: Lederhosen & Dirndl


    Sports Experts is your place in Hinton to order Oktoberfest costumes.

    I Don't Like Beer, Should I Bother Coming?

    Yes! We will have wine and a few spirits available for purchase if you don’t wish to test the kegs.

    It's Not A Party Without Shots! Will There Be Any?

    Absolutely! Ever heard of a shot-ski? We will be mixing mountain and Bavarian cultures by providing a 5-person shot-ski served with Jagermeister for your shooting pleasure.​

    I'm Gluten Intolerant. Is There Anything Special For Me?

    Yes! We will happily provide you with a bunless wurst (that’s how the Germans eat them anyway!) and you’re safe with the roulade, sauerkraut and potato salad. We will also have a keg of Lonetree Cider for your sipping pleasure.​

    How Will I Get Home Safely?

    Complimentary shuttle rides will be provided between 10 PM-2 AM by Beaupre Bus Service.​

    If It Isn't On Social Media, Did It Ever Happen? How Should I Tag My Pics?

    Use the following hashtag - #hintonoktoberfest​

    Do Rotarians Just Like To Party?

    Yes! But better than that, we love giving back to our community. Every dollar of profit from this event will go back into initiatives to serve our community, so don’t be shy to drink up for the cause.

    What Has Rotary Done For Hinton Anyways?

    To name a few:

    • Major funding for Rotary Spray and Play Park and Hinton SPCA building.
    • Dolly Parton Imagination Library for Kids 0-5 years of age.
    •  Initiated and operate Hinton Movies (thru Rotary Movie Presentation Society)
    • Key Habitat for Humanity sponsor
    • Rent storage "Containers for Clubs"
    • Sponsor Junior Firefighter program  
    • Annual highway litter pickup
    • Ongoing support of the Hinton Food Bank, as executive leaders.
    • Educational Youth camps (RYLA, RYPEN)  and foreign youth exchange programs
    • Supporting our local Syrian refugee families
    • ...and much more!

    How does buying a table work anyways?

    It's great to buy a table for you and your friends because:

    • Your table is reserved with the name of the purchaser or whatever other name you give us on the table.
    • No individual tickets.....as your guests arrive for the evening, they simply tell us they are with you and your table name and we point them to their table.
    • when you purchase your table, we collect your email so we are sure to tell you about next years Hinton Oktoberfest before others know...so you can buy a table or two (you'll make more friends every year!!).
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    Don't be afraid to reach out.

  • Oktoberfest would not happen without help from the following sponsors:

    Sports Experts is your place in Hinton to order Oktoberfest costumes. (optional, but it adds to the fun!)

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